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Ready to wine down and chill? Then return here each Friday to find food, movie, wine and music recommendations that are paired in a theme. Read on for an easy, no-recipe-required fabulous dinner paired with an affordable wine, some music, and a viewing suggestion. We’re here to help you sit back, wine down and chill.


I’m not a twin, although many people think that my little sister, who is younger, taller, and thinner than I am, is my twin. Obviously we look alike. In fact, so alike that people have interacted with us, separately, carrying on as if we were the sister that they actually knew. It’s kind of fun to ham it up sometimes and test how long it takes for the person to figure out that we have no idea who they are. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a real twin and completely mess with people! 😉


Yes, here we are with another wine down and chill a selection of a Cabernet Sauvignon. In my defense, it was the only selection that was on-theme. Next week, pinky promise, there will be a different varietal!

Twin Suns Cabernet Sauvignon, particularly the 2016 harvest, offers excellent value. The 2018 bottles cost around $14-15 depending on your location whereas the 2016 bottles run as high as $22-24 but are well worth the price. Here’s what makes this wine extra special. For all those observing the Jewish holidays, it’s classified as Mevushal. Which means that it’s kosher. Rabbi Padwa, who oversees its production, ensures that it meets the standards required for religious observation.


Perhaps this is a good time to learn what makes a wine kosher. During its fermentation and decantation, it can only be handled by Jewish people. Natural yeasts and organic or biodynamic farming practices are other important aspects. Often, the wines remain unfiltered. Typically, Mevushal wines require boiling, but boiling wine seems like a bad idea in regards to its taste profile. Instead, the grapes are heated in a process called flash-détente (or “thermoflash”) where grapes are quickly warmed upon harvest then rapidly cooled in a vacuum.

But fret not! All the notes you’d expect from this yummy varietal are there. Specifically, the bold black cherry, toasted vanilla and hint of an exotic earthy aroma. The River Winery is managed by brothers Shimon and Gabriel Weiss, who had twin boys at the time the winery opened in central California.

See? It all ties into this week’s wine down and chill theme.


On the topic of twinning or anything repeated, we’ve got beans on the menu tonight. Wink! But these quesadillas are just as tasty cold the next morning for breakfast or as a late-night snack so be sure to make extra.

If you need a little more insipiration on what to drink or eat, have a look at the extensive collection of pins by superuser, Ramondo Moss. He showcases several Pinterest boards with menu options, martini and wine insights.


One, vegetarian or pork-flavored, your choice, but quickly heat up a can of refried beans.

Two, grab two flour tortillas and lightly spray (or spread) the outer sides with a non-dairy faux or real butter spread. Lay one oiled tortilla on a frying pan or griddle and spread the refried beans.

Three, liberally distribute a mixture of shredded cheeses. You can select the Mexican or other varieties where the mixing has been done for you.

Four, have your sides of sour cream and salsa ready for ooey-gooey dipping.

Pour yourself a glass and settle in to wine down and chill.


I haven’t yet watched this Netflix original, which debuts tonight, but I’m quite keen on having a wine down and chill evening streaming it. Tell Me Who I Am, directed by Ed Perkins, is an extraordinary story by all accounts. Alex and Marcus Lewis are twins. At age 18, Alex had a horrific motorcycle accident leaving him in a lengthy coma. When he awakes, he immediately recognizes his brother, but has zero recollection of who he is and has no memories of his life prior to his accident.

Here’s where the plot thickens. Marcus spins lies about their past. And maintains the charade for over 20 years until Alex calls him out on it. The family has secrets. Dark secrets. But it is an incredible tale of survival, family loyalty, and betrayal.

If my selection doesn’t float your boat, have a look at the October viewing options available on Netflix. Now, pour yourself a glass. Get comfy. It’s finally time to wine down and chill.


Our featured image is by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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