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  • Loralyn Mears, PhD


This article was originally published on April 8, 2019 at

Do you slog through your Monday mornings?

If you lament the end of the weekend and dread returning to the office, you may need our Motivation Monday quick tips. Grit Daily offers an avenue to connect with others like you. We’re here to help get your work week off to a good start. Pump your fists. It’s time for Motivation Monday!


Although it appears as though Marie Kondo has cornered the market on “joy”, not so. Organizing, de-cluttering, and tidying are not the only paths to joy. As lovely as Marie is with her spell-binding art of folding clothes on her Netflix show, there are other ways to experience joy. This is what today’s Monday motivation is all about.

Indeed, I loved her 2011 book, “The Life-Changing Joy of Tidying Up” the moment it came out. In fact, it was a gift from my mentor, Professor Emeritus Dr. W. G. Friend. For too many years to disclose publicly here, since the time that I was a Masters in Science student under his tutelage, Dr. Friend has been my long-term life coach. Sadly, he just passed away at 90 years old and I miss him dearly. He had great wisdom and, rightly so, turned me onto Marie Kondo and her life-changing mandate which can simply be distilled down into a single phrase:

If it brings you joy, keep [doing] it. If it does not, let it go.”

And I’ve been a fan of Marie and the joy theory ever since. After all, don’t we all want more joy in our lives? Alas, here is the onetip that I think can be the most impactful in changing your life.


Today, we’re keeping it simple. One tip. Just one teeny tiny thing that you need to do every day to put you on the path to joy. And that, my friends, is a feeling that should spark you with Monday motivation.

#1 – make your joyful moment of the day your final thought of the day

As you’re preparing to drift off into slumber, clear your head of all the negative crap of the day. Exhale: let it out. Now, focus on ONE thing that sparked joy in your day. No matter how tiny, how seemingly insignificant it might seem, if it brought you joy, recall it. Hold onto it. Feel the joy that it brought you and allow yourself to fall asleep with that joy in your heart.


Given the theme today is all things joyful, Leon Logothetis may seem like an unlikely hero. But he is an inspiration because he altered his path to bring him greater joy. As a successful stockbroker in London, Leon had it all. Except that he was chronically depressed being chained to his “slab of wood,” aka his desk. So he chucked all of it, including the big bucks and chartered upon a new path. One that was unmarked but absolutely crystal clear.

His mission is embodied by his hashtag, #GoBeKind. It’s quite simple, really. He eschewed all the baggage and stress associated with keeping up with the Jones’ and let it go. Leon packed up his dog, got on his yellow motorbike, which he aptly named Kindness One, and went on an adventure that is still going nearly five years later. Netflix features his new show, The Kindness Diaries, which is all about how he circumnavigates the globe with only a few dollars and by fully surrendering to the kindness of strangers.

Plus, his new book, Go Be Kind, has just been released.  Moreover, another amazing factoid is that he donated $200K of his own cash to bring joy to strangers through random acts of kindness. One of those acts was saving 100 stray dogs in Ecuador. Insert big, red heart. As a dog mama myself, stories like this give me all the feels.

Cheers to doing the right thing, being kind to each other and finding joy through purpose.

And cheers to Alexas Fotos the wonderful artist who created today’s cover image.

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