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Monday Motivation: Adapting to Change

This article was originally published on April 27, 2020 at

Monday motivation, we need it, let’s go! We see you, struggling to get your day started and in need of a pick-me-up to launch your week on the right foot. If you’re a podcast person, gain some inspiration and insights from our guests on my “Like a Boss” content: listen here on our Grit Daily podcast channel on Apple iTunes. Or read on to get our Monday Motivation quick tips.

Studies show that your morning mood affects your productivity all day. Grit Daily is here to get your week off to a good start (yes, it’s Monday). Pump your fists – it’s time for Monday Motivation!

Adapting to change

There is a famous, rather dire quotation that begins with, “Adapt or …” but I personally think that it’s too negative for today’s times. Instead, we’re going to focus on a more uplifting message, one that’s anchored in the benefits that you’ll receive through your adaptation. Let’s kick off Monday motivation with this inspirational quote by someone that I deeply admire as one of history’s greatest influencers:

“It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ~Charles Darwin

This pandemic has knocked the wheels off our cart! The only way to begin moving forward again is by adapting to our new situation so that we take control versus letting it control us. Specifically, there are only a few aspects of our lives that we can currently manage independently. Some of those aspects include our feelings and our behaviors; it all begins with self-awareness, which we’ve previously covered in Monday motivation, and identifying what we’re doing and what, if anything, we need to modulate. Adapting to the changes in our world is something that we each must do so that we don’t feel mired in fear and anxious all the time because that holds us back from making forward progress.

Monday motivation tips to boost your adaptation skills

None of us like to think about needing to improve but, adopting a mindset of lifelong learning and growing will help carry us through just about anything that life throws at us. Monday motivation is all about being kind to ourselves and others. Self-loathing and criticism aren’t going to carry us very far.

Life is more challenging than ever, and we need to find ways to manage through all the changes that COVID-19 has forced upon us. Together, we CAN get through to the other side if we all lean on each other a little and adapt. Here are three tips to be more adaptable:

#1 – shift your focus

Easier said than done, right? For some people, a Monday motivation tip to execute a shift in focus takes a physical effort. Whatever your focus currently is, or wherever you’re putting the bulk of your efforts into right now, write it down on a piece of paper and lay it out on your desk. Take out another piece of paper and write down the new thing that you have to adapt to and put your attention towards. Look at them both, crumple up the piece of paper with the current focus then look at your desk again – your new focus will be on that.

#2 – take a “can do” attitude

You have to start somewhere and having the right attitude when you begin is half the battle. If you enter into whatever is new with a negative headspace about how tough it’s going to be and how you’re going to suffer miserably as you make the change, you’re going to struggle from Day 1. However, if you begin by embracing the idea of change, you’ll already be on your way to adapting to it.

Enter into whatever is new with a positive mindset recognizing that whatever new situation that you’re adapting to won’t be easy, but that you WILL do it. There is no right or wrong; it’s more like what Yoda said, “There is no try, only do.” This will make a tremendous difference in the likelihood of your success.

#3 – consider the bigger picture

As much as we’d like to think that “it’s all about me,” the truth is that it’s not. We’re only a part of a community, a network and a global ecosystem. Each of us matters and each of us has a part. Sometimes, we just need to pause and think about everything more holistically so that we can get a greater sense of the big picture and where we fit into it, so we stay on track and keep doing our part.

Monday motivation reminds us that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and we have to constantly make adjustments so that we can keep running. Notice? I didn’t say “running the race” because it’s only a race if you make it one. For many marathoners, the act of finishing it, regardless of how long it takes, is what drives them. Keep that in mind if you’re counting the days of self-quarantine; by now, hopefully you have begun to adapt and no longer count them and simply accepting that they will be here as long as is necessary to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

We’re highly adept as a species at adapting to the world around us – we can do hard things – it just takes time, effort and patience. Keep going! Don’t give up. Monday motivation is here to support you all the way.

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